EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Two - Encased Edition
Monster Mystery Box Series Two The “Encased” Edition  100 numbered boxes, $119.95 ea Look for: Dark Charizard  Japanese Shiny Charizard Charizard V Charizard Vmax  Dark Blastoise Rayquaza Rainbow Shining Rayquaza Charizard V Max Each box contains ONE of the following: 1...
EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series One
Monster Mystery Box Series One Limit 4 per customer  $69.95  Limited to 100 boxes More than 20 great hits, including: 1 x Charizard base Unlimited 1 x Charizard Rainbow, Champions Path 10 x graded cards 5 x First Edition Holos...
EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Three - Limited Edition
Look for these 5 Big Hits in One Touch Holders! All Near Mint or Better!      •  1st Edition Lugia -  Neo Genesis     •  Unlimited Charizard - Base Set     •  Unlimited Blastoise - Base Set     •  Unlimited Venusaur - Base Set ...
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