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EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Two - Encased Edition


Monster Mystery Box Series Two

The “Encased” Edition 

100 numbered boxes, $119.95 ea

Look for:

  • Dark Charizard 
  • Japanese Shiny Charizard
  • Charizard V
  • Charizard Vmax 
  • Dark Blastoise
  • Rayquaza Rainbow
  • Shining Rayquaza
  • Charizard V Max

Each box contains ONE of the following:

  • 1 Graded Pokémon Card* & 2 booster packs (75 boxes) OR
  • 1 One Touch Card & 2 booster packs** (5 boxes) OR
  • 1 Redemption & 2 booster packs (20 boxes)

Additionally, 10 random boxes will include a Bonus Pack of singles (retail value $25 to $80)

* cards from series Original to recent
* Booster packs 1 Champions Path & 1 Darkness Ablaze

Redemptions include

  • Shining Fates ETB & 40 count PSA Palms Storage Box combo
  • Shining Fates ETB & Pikachu Box combo
  • Shining Fates Tins Art Set (3 tins)
  • Shining Fates Mini Tins Art Set (5 tins)
  • Shining Legends Booster Art Set (4 boosters)
  • Burning Shadows ETB
  • Zamazenta ETB
  • Zacian ETB

Redemptions will be available for immediate pick up at EJ Cards, Blackburn or they will be sent to you via Express Post 


EJ Cards makes no claims of a minimum value of cards / products in each Monster Mystery Boxes.

For the avoidance of doubt this is NOT a mystery box which contains a minimum of $119.95 in retail value, like product substitution. 

Collectors should NOT purchase our Monster Mystery Box if they have this expectation.

It has some similarities with a booster box, in that there is an element of chance, however for the cost of around half a booster box, the odds are considerably better to hit with our Series Two Monster Box



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EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Two - Encased Edition
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