2021 AFL Teamcoach Hobby Sealed Box


Limit one box

New high end chase cards, inc Card Craft, Gold versions of all Wildcards, inc Trophy plus you can claim your own 24kt Gold Carat card for any team!

cards per pack, 36 packs per box

225 base cards

225 Gold parallels 1  in 2 packs

90 Star Powers Silver 1 in 2 packs

90 Star Powers Gold 1 in 36 packs 

36 Footy Oddbodz Glow or Gitter 1  in 3 packs

36 3D Icon Club or Player 1 in 3 packs

54 Card Craft Silver 1 in 6 packs 

18 Card Craft Gold 1 in 720 packs 

18 Best & Fairest 1 in 9 packs 

18 Magic Wildcards *

18 Star Wildcards *

4 Trophy Star Wildcards *

* one of these wildcards per box (1 in 36 packs)

Craft you own 24-KARAT gold plated PRIZE cards!

Collect a CARD CRAFT; ACTION (1 in every 6 packs), CHEERING (1 in every 6 packs), PORTRAIT (1 in every 6 packs) & a gold COLLAGE card (1 in every 720 packs) from your favourite team!
Enter the Unique CODES found on the back of each teams 4 X Card Craft cards at teamcoach.com.au to craft a 24-KARAT gold plated PRIZE card for that team.

That's a REAL 24-karat gold plated card...as in, Teamcoach sends to you.


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2021 AFL Teamcoach Hobby Sealed Box
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