2021 Topps Finest Basketball Hobby Box


Look for a variety of colored parallels and 1 Chrome Autograph in every box!

Look for Autographs of Dirk Nowitzki, Dennis Rodman, Vince Carter, Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett, Dikembe Mutombo, Allen Iverson, Isiah Thomas, andmany more!

Refractors fall 1 in every 3 packs, on average!

A call back to the classics, 2021 Topps Finest Basketball fastbreaks onto Topps.com as an exclusive release featuring a colorful Topps Finest design and an even more colorful checklist of basketball legends and fan favorites.

2021 Topps Finest Basketball Refractor Parallels Breakdown:

Base Parallels:

Refractor - 1:6 packs
Atomic Refractor - #/299 (1:24)
Purple Refractor - #/250 (1:29)
Speckle Refractor - #/199 (1:37)
Blue Refractor - #/150 (1:48)
Green Refractor - #/99 (1:73)
Pink Refractor - #/75 (1:97)
Gold Refractor - #/50 (1:145)
Wave Refractor - #/30 (1:241)
Orange Refractor - #/25 (1:289)
Black Refractor - #/15 (1:483)
White Refractor - #/10 (1:724)
Red Refractor - #/5 (1:1,450)
SuperFractor - 1/1 (1:7,271)

Autograph Parallels:

Refractor - #/65 (1:102)
Gold Refractor - #/50 (1:137)
Orange Refractor - #/25 (1:273)
Black Refractor - #/15 (1:454)
White Refractor - #/10 (1:686)
Red Refractor - #/5 (1:1,374)
SuperFractor - 1/1 (1:6,645)

Finest Autographs Set Checklist:

55 cards.

RERACTOR PARALLELS: Refractor #/65 (1:102), Gold #/50 (1:137), Orange #/25 (1:273), Black #/15 (1:454), White #/10 (1:686), Red #/5 (1:1,374), SuperFractor 1/1 (1:6,645).

FA-AF Adonal Foyle
FA-AH Allan Houston
FA-AI Allen Iverson
FA-BA B.J. Armstrong
FA-BS Brad Sellers
FA-CB Corie Blount
FA-DCR Dell Curry
FA-DH Dennis Hopson
FA-DM Dikembe Mutombo
FA-DMJ Dan Majerle
FA-DN Dirk Nowitzki
FA-DR Dennis Rodman
FA-DS Detlef Schrempf
FA-DST Damon Stoudamire
FA-DW Dominique Wilkins
FA-EB Earl Boykins
FA-GH Grant Hill
FA-GM Gheorghe Muresan
FA-GP Gary Payton
FA-GR Glen Rice
FA-HG Horace Grant
FA-HH Hersey Hawkins
FA-IT Isiah Thomas
FA-JB Jud Buechler
FA-JD Joe Dumars
FA-JH Jeff Hornacek
FA-JHW Juwan Howard
FA-JK Jason KiddFA-JL Jerome Lane
FA-JRC Jason Richardson
FA-JS John Starks
FA-JW James Worthy
FA-KA Kenny Anderson
FA-KG Kevin Garnett
FA-KR Kurt Rambis
FA-LJ Larry Johnson
FA-LN Larry Nance Sr.
FA-LS Latrell Sprewell
FA-MB Mike Bibby
FA-MW Mikey Williams
FA-PH Anfernee Hardaway
FA-RB Randy Brown
FA-RH Ron Harper
FA-SB Scott Burrell
FA-SK Shawn Kemp
FA-SKR Steve Kerr
FA-SN Steve Nash
FA-SO Shaquille O'Neal
FA-SS Steve Smith
FA-TH Tim Hardaway
FA-TK Toni Kukoc
FA-VC Vince Carter
FA-VD Vlade Divac
FA-VDN Vinny Del Negro
FA-WA Willie Anderson

18 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack

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2021 Topps Finest Basketball Hobby Box
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