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2017 Topps Star Wars The Last Jedi Series 1 Hobby Box


Each sealed box contains 24 packs of 8 cards each in a 100 card set. >>> Each box contains TWO Hits (Medallion cards, Autograph cards, Sketch cards and/or Printing Plates). Parallel sets: Blue 1:1, Green 1:2, Purple 1:4, Red 1:12, HOBBY ONLY Silver (#'d to 99), HOBBY ONLY Gold (#'d to 25), HOBBY ONLY 1-of-1 Black, and 1-of-1 Printing Plates.

Inserts: Blueprints & Schematics, Character Portraits (parallels > #'d to 250 or less), Resist! (parallels > #'d to 25 or less), Illustrated (parallels > #'d to 99 or less), Character Die-Cut Sticker, Rey Continuity Part 2, Medallion Relics (parallels > #'d to 99 or less; Autographs), Autographs (parallels > #'d to 99 or less; Dual > #'d to 5, 1-of-1 Black parallels; Triple > #'d to 3, 1-of-1 Black parallel; and Six-Person > #'d to 2), #'d Source Material Fabric Relic, Red Line Artwork, Sketch cards, and BB-8 Shaped Sketch cards.

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2017 Topps Star Wars The Last Jedi Series 1 Hobby Box
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