EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Three - Limited Edition


Look for these 5 Big Hits in One Touch Holders! All Near Mint or Better!

     •  1st Edition Lugia -  Neo Genesis
     •  Unlimited Charizard - Base Set
       Unlimited Blastoise - Base Set
     •  Unlimited Venusaur - Base Set
       Unlimited Blaine's Charizard - Gym Challenge

Only 80 Boxes Made! Each Mystery Box contains ONE of the following:

      •  1 Graded Pokémon Card* & 2 booster packs** (50 boxes) OR
      •  1 One Touch Card & 2 booster packs** (5 boxes) OR
        1 Redemption & 2 booster packs** (25 boxes)

Additionally, 15 random boxes will include a curated "bonus pack" of singles, with some packs holding retail value of up to $70!

* Graded Cards are predominately "Wizards of the Coast"-era holos, with a select few cards being from more modern sets such as Shining Legends and Amazing Volt Tackle!

** All Booster Packs are randomly selected from the following options (though you will not receive two of the same pack):

     •  Shining Fates
     •  SWSH Vivid Voltage
     •  SWSH Darkness Ablaze
     •  Sword & Shield Base Set
     •  SM Unbroken Bonds
     •  XY BREAKpoint

Redemptions Include:
Hidden Fates Tin Art Set (3 Tins) + SM Team Up Blister Art Set (4 Packs)
       XY BREAKthrough ETB
       XY BREAKpoint ETB
       SM Burning Shadows ETB
     •  SM Team Up ETB
     •  Zacian Premium ETB + Zamazenta Premium ETB
     •  SM Burning Shadows Booster Box
     •  SM Ultra Prism Booster Box
     •  SWSH Chilling Reign Booster Box* + $50 Store Gift Voucher
     •  Shining Fates ETB + Shining Fates Premium Collection + Supply Pack**
     •  Shining Fates ETB + Shining Fates Mad Party Art Set (4 Boxes) + Supply Pack**
     •  Shining Fates ETB + Shining Fates Mini Tin Art Set (5 Mini Tins) + Supply Pack**

Redemptions will be available for immediate pick up at our store in Blackburn, or they will be sent to you via Express Post.

*  Chilling Reign Booster Box Redemption is currently unreleased and will not be available until June 18th. You are welcome to call/come into the shop to let us know that you have received that redemption, but the product will not be available to ship/pickup until release day.

**  Supply Pack contains the following products:
        Ultra PRO ECLIPSE Pro-Binder (random colour)
     •   Palms Off Gaming Semi-Rigid Grading Holders - 50ct
     •   Palms Off Gaming 35pt Toploaders - 25ct
     •   Palms Off Gaming Soft Card Sleeves - 100ct


    EJ Cards makes no claims on a minimum value guarantee of any items included in our "Monster" Mystery Boxes.

    To be clear, this is NOT a mystery box which contains a guaranteed minimum retail value of $199.95 in every single box. Collectors should NOT purchase our Monster Mystery Box if they have this expectation.

    While the value in many boxes far exceeds the price point on the product, there may be boxes with items inside with a total retail value of slightly under $199.95.

    This product is in some ways comparable a booster box, in that there is an element of chance. However, with the variety of big hit raw cards, redemptions and graded cards available, we believe we are offering a much better chance to hit big and hit better with our Series Three "Monster" Mystery Box.

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    EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series Three - Limited Edition
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