Participation in any EJ Cards Group Breaks is contingent upon acceptance of following rules and conditions.

These rules and conditions are final. If you disagree with, or do not wish to be bound by, EJ Cards Sports Breaks Rules & Conditions, do not purchase any break spot.

Below does not exclude any right under Australian Consumer Law. Refer to our Refund and Exchange Policy for more details. 

Break:  The product or products to be opened via live stream.  
Spots:  The basic unit of allocation.  Each spot in a break represents the
ownership of the cards for the team drawn via
Teams:  These will be related to the product the subject of the break.  Teams
may be grouped for certain breaks and will be noted in the break

RANDOM Breaks 
a. Random Teams – we will use  
b. Each spot will be assigned a number between 1 – 30 in order of
c. Participants will be listed at end of the site page where break
spots have been purchased, eg John Smith buys spots #8 & #9, it will
display #8 John Smith, #9 John Smith 
d. The 30 teams will be then randomized between 4 and 9 times, the exact
number being determined by one (1) roll of a six-side dice and by
adding the result to three (3). Example, dice roll is 4 plus 3 = seven (7).
The 30 NBA teams will be randomized seven times (7), ranking the
teams from #1 to #30 
e. The randomized team order is then placed against the break
participants assigned order of entry (see b + c). Example if Dallas
Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks have been ranked #7 & #8, then they will

be assigned to John Smith who has been assigned break spot order
entry of #7 + #8 respectively. 
Pick your Teams 
f. As the name suggests, there is no random element. The team(s) you
pick/purchase are your team(s) 
g. Cards are assigned using the same criteria (refer How are cards
h. From time to time we will list Hit Draft breaks. There are various
versions of Hit Drafts, however our version will
guarantee every participant will receive a card per spot. These breaks
will normally involve higher end product. 
i. For example, a Hit Draft Break for a box of 2019/20 Impeccable
will have nine (9) draft spots for sale, to correlate with the nine cards in
the box – all spots are sold at the same price.  
j. To be clear, the number of draft spots in a Hit Break, will match the total
number of cards available.  
k. The break participants will be randomized into a draft order. In the
above example, they will be ranked between #1 and #9 
l. The Box or boxes will then be broken live.  
m. The participant who was ranked #1 in draft, will then choose one of the
cards from the box break.  
n. This draft selection process will continue until all the cards are
How are cards assigned? 
o. Participants receive every card for their assigned teams from each
p. In the event multiple players/teams feature on a card or product, then
the card will be randomized at the end of the break. The team that
appears at the top of the randomization, will be awarded the card. 
q. For the avoidance of doubt, cards or products, are awarded to the team
name featured on card or product, not to the players uniform shown on
card/product. Example a Le Bron James card in a Cavs uniform but with
team stated as Lakers, will go to the Lakers. 

r. Cards & products that feature non-current teams, will be awarded
to the most closely associated team. Example. Seattle Supersonics =
OKC, Charlotte Bobcats = Charlotte Hornets 
s. Cards that feature players in USA or International uniform and do not
have a NBA Team name prescribed, will be awarded to the team with
whom they played their first NBA game. 
t. Cards that feature undrafted players from College products
(eg. Contenders) will be awarded to their most closely associated team
(example G league) 
u. Any other card or product that cannot be allocated to one of 30 NBA
teams using above criteria may be randomized across all 30 NBA
teams or it may be allocated to a participant at the Breakers discretion. 
Personal Box, Pack or Case Breaks 
You can purchase NBA Packs, Boxes and Cases
at and tick option for some or all of your products
to be broken live. Contact us to arrange a time. 
You agree to allow the video to be posted to EJ Cards YouTube
channel and or EJ Sports Breaks Facebook Group.  
We will provide free sleeves and top loaders for your hits. You can
purchase One Touch holders after your break for your big hits! 
All cards, including base, will be mailed via delivery option you select at
Checkout. You can upgrade delivery, at your expense, after your live
Personal breaks – just contact us 
Trading Teams 
Teams, for the most part, cannot be traded once allocated. The exception
being occasional ad-hoc breaks that EJ Cards may run on its Members Only
Facebook Group.  
When trading is permitted, the Breaker will announce Trading open,
immediately after teams randomized, along with a time limit.  
These trades should be offered and accepted in the Comments section in
the relevant Facebook Break post. 
All trades must be approved by the Breaker or Moderator. 

Who wins Panini Points cards? 
We will nominate a team, at our discretion, before each Break. The team we
nominate usually doesn’t feature a first-round draft pick, however that is not
the sole criteria. For example, during the 2019/20 NBA season we have
chosen the Toronto Raptors to win Panini Points for every break. 
How do I purchase a Break Spot? 
Break spots can be purchased at 
Occasionally ad hoc breaks may be posted in our members Facebook Group,
EJ Sports Breaks. Even if you claim a spot / spots in these ad hoc breaks, you
do not own them unless paid. EJ Cards reserves the right to cancel your
claimed spot and resell and/or reassign if unpaid up to 15 minutes to break
Each purchased spot includes: 
 All cards, including base, for your team 
 Domestic postage  
 Sleeves for all hits, top loaders & one touches for selected hits (our
 Registered domestic post for monster hits (our discretion) 
Can be added at your cost: 
 Registered or tracked domestic post 
 Extra Cover insurance ($2.50 first $200 cover, $2.50 per $100 cover
thereafter, max cover $5,000) plus $2.95 for Signature on delivery  
 One Touch holders  
What is a hit? 
1. Cards numbered to 400 or less. 
2. Cards containing a Patch or Material. 
3. Cards with a genuine (not facsimile) signature. 
4. Rookie base card (top 3) 
4. Any Rookie Parallel card  
5. Any card listed on the box as a short print (including super short print)  
6. Any card listed on the box with a 'look for' (or similar) descriptor.  

Prizes may be awarded in some breaks. Refer each break for conditions. If
randomization is required, then we will use to determine prize
Hitless spots 
From time to time, EJ Cards may award a sealed NBA pack (our choice) to
participants who do not receive a hit.  
Delivery info 
EJ cards will usually mail your cards within 3 business days of each break.  
This may vary as we will often consolidate packages for participants who
purchase multiple break spots within a short period. Example, a
customer who participated in 6 breaks between Mon-Thu, may have all their
cards sent in one package on Friday. EJ Cards will use their discretion when
to consolidate break packages. 

Lost Mail 
EJ Cards has sent many thousands of cards, via Australia Post, to members
and collectors since we commenced breaking. It is rare for mail to be lost or
go missing, but it does happen occasionally. 
EJ Cards does not take responsibility for lost and missing items once handed
to Australia Post. More secure delivery options are available, at your cost, to
those seeking greater peace of mind. 
Pick up 
Please advise us by email or message if you want to pick up your Break cards
at our shop – with at least 24 hours’ notice so we can have your cards ready. 

Cancelled & Rescheduled Breaks 
From time to time, some breaks may be cancelled or rescheduled due to
unforeseen circumstances like delayed or damaged stock, or urgent
personal & family matters that may impact the EJ Cards. 
If a break is cancelled completely, your purchase will be refunded. 

If the break is rescheduled, the break will proceed, under the normal
conditions, at the amended time and or date. 
Substitution of product 
From time to time, EJ Cards, may, at their discretion, substitute an advertised
product in a Break, after the Break has been listed, with a similar product. Any
substituted product will be either one at an equivalent or a higher value.  
The listed break will signify if and when any product substitution
has been made. 
Purchasers of spots in Breaks that result in one or more products being
substituted after their purchase, can cancel their spot (and be refunded) if they
find the substitution unsatisfactory. These cancellations must be made no later
than 30 min prior to the break commencing.  

We encourage everyone to participate in the live chat. Respectful behaviour at
all times is expected. Poor behaviour, including offensive language, will not be
Our breaks are watched by collectors all ages and experiences, as well
as families, including children.  
EJ Cards may suspend or ban anyone who fails to respect participants or
uses offensive language. 
Scenarios and circumstances not covered above 
EJ Cards will use its discretion on how to award cards or
products (inc prizes) in circumstances not covered in our Rules and
Conditions. These decisions will be final.

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