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EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series One


Monster Mystery Box Series One

Limit 4 per customer 


Limited to 100 boxes

More than 20 great hits, including:

1 x Charizard base Unlimited

1 x Charizard Rainbow, Champions Path

10 x graded cards

5 x First Edition Holos

3 x redemptions 

Each box contains

- 2 random booster packs

- 2 hits

- 1 random promo card

- 10 holos/reverse holos (mix)

- 10 rares

- 50 asstd base

If you don’t score a box with one of the 23 great hits, your box will have either a random VMax or better (full art, amazing rare, shiny, gold secret rare or more!) in 1 of the 2 hit spots OR one of the two packs will be a more expensive pack like, Burning Shadows, Shining Fates, Evolutions (to be clear, it will be either a better card hit OR a better pack, box contents overall, are unchanged from above description)


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EJ Cards "Monster" Mystery Box Series One
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